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On Being a dog Owner: My Schnauzers

Growing up on a farm, I learned first hand the responsibilities of being a pet owner. AND I was never far from a pet. BUT today we're going to talk about dogs. I don't believe there's been a period of time in my life where I didn't have a dog be a part of it.

The two dogs pictured above are my two current pups; Bruce (on left) and Po Po Tiny (on the right). AND no that's not their political stance. However, they happen to be brothers from another mother. I was able to get them both from the same breeder. Please don't judge.

Po Po Tiny is almost 7 pounds and born on October 13th, 2018. Bruce is a bit husker at 9.5lb and was born on February 14th, 2020. Even thou I've always been a dog owner, these are the first tiny dogs I've ever invested in. They are both in the teacup class in which is any dog 10 pounds and under.

These two pups are also the only two animals I've ever bought online and from a breeder. I mean why would you buy a pet online, when they're are so many animals in shelters that need homes, right? I know, and that has always been my thinking, too. Tell I did it, and know now that it was one of the best decisions I could make for my family.

Shopping online for a puppy was intimidating at first. AND just wow the amount of scammers out there. The best advice when purchasing a family pet online and from a breeder is research, research, research. Puppy mills do exist.

Before we even began the hunt for a breeder we did a shit ton of research on breeds. After almost 18 months of researching breeds, we decided on a schnauzer. We liked that the schnauzer is very intelligent, easy to train, and best of all, they don't shed their coats due to their human like hair. Which also, means they get haircuts on a regular.

I believe it took about another 6 months to find the breeder. I suggest you interviewing them. I over killed with about 16 interviews before find the right match with "Toy in the Garden". You'll find the link at the bottom of blog.

After we found the breeder, we built a relationship with them. That way we both knew we were making the right choice. Breeder finding the right home for puppy and us not picking a scammer, puppy mill or dysfunctional breeder to work with.

Pat the owner of "Toy in the Garden" and I shared multiple phone calls before we agreed to make the transaction. We figured out which pup would best suit my family (Po Po Tiny) and the smoothed out the details. Not only is becoming a pet own is a big commitment and responsibility, it's fucking expensive. It's something like $45,000 to $60,000 pre dog a lifetime.

After we welcomed Po Po Tiny into our lives and we saw how much he was changing our family for the better, we knew we needed another pup. Pat wasn't surprised when we called a year later in hopes for a brother for Po. Luckily since we worked together in the past the 2nd time around went very sleek with Bruce's entry to the family.

I honestly didn't think I was going to like have tiny pups, but I fucking love it. These two have taught me so much about wanting to be the best human possible. They only complaint is, neither Po or Bruce are able to run with me. Yeah sure, they can run around the dog park or the back yard but not the type of running I do as an ultra marathon runner.

I need a pup that can hit the trails with me for the day. Don't get me wrong Bruce loves hiking and can withstand being out on the trail for 2 or 3 hours. Po on the other hand needs me to carry him after about 30 minutes. Thank goodness I got him a puppy sling for our puppy adventures.

With all of that said, we're currently planning for our 3rd dog. I know, what the hell am I thinking. I get it, and it does sound a little nutty. Lucky for me, I already understand the role it takes to be a pet owner. Plus, I really do need a bigger pup to join me on my runs. For safety.

We decided since we wanted a bigger pup the 3rd time around, we needed to find a new breeder. After about 9 months of searching we have decided to go with "Duke's Schnauzers". You'll find a link to their website at the bottom of this blog. AND duh of course we went with another schnauzer.

By the way, check out "Duke's Schnauzers". The owner is a Nero nurse and puts so much love into her pups.

PS I just put a deposit on a red coat female.


Toy in the Garden HERE

Duke's Schnauzers HERE

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