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The Dispensary on 52nd: My neighborhood pot shop

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Being a 25+ year Cannabis connoisseur, I've really got to see the dynamic evolution this plant has made over the last few decades in the United States. I feel blessed to be living durning a day and age where marijuana can be purchased in a store. At the current date of writing this, the United States of American only has 5 states; Idaho, Wyoming, Kanas, Tennessee and Georgia that are still fully illegal. The other 45 states have either legalized (medical and/or recreational) or have decriminalize marijuana laws in place. If you want a break down of all 50 states click HERE.

My neighborhood dispensary is about 150 feet from My Portland Oregon townhouse. That's half a football field. The funny thing is the next nearest pot shop is less than a half a mile away in the other detraction and the closest retail store to My children's elementary school. That's Portland for you. There seems to be a coffee shop, strip club and dispensary on every block in this town.

However, my neighborhood dispensary; The Dispensary on 52nd is the one I visit the most when at my Portland townhouse. It reminds me of that TV series, Cheers from the 80's. Where everyone knows my name. And my two tiny dogs too!

Besides how convenient the shop is, there's many many other things I enjoy about this particular Portland pot shop and mind you I've visited a lot of dispensaries in my adult years. A top favorite of mine is, the dispensary is 100% female operated. Go girl power!! Did you know that the cannabis industry in American is primarily dominated by females?

The Dispensary on 52nd stands out by offering 100% organic venders. 80% of the products and close to 100% of the flower sold in the store comes from the shop owners own farm. Dicot farm can be found located in southern Oregon. The farms use 100% living organic, never bottled nutrients.

This shop has something for every type of cannabis consumer and budget. For flower offerings you'll find a wide variety from top shelve premium buds all the way to shake, with everything in-between. If flower product is your thing, make sure to check out the white board. That's where they post their daily discounts, plus the $88 and $52 ounce specials.

I'm never disappointed with the flower selection. There seems to be a nice balance of sativa, indica and hybrid strains to choose from. I'm a joint smoker. So, my go to is the 10 one gram pre-roll packs. They offer 1/2 gram packs and individuals too. I recommend the infuse joints when you want to add a little extra spice to your life.

The menu of cannabis merchandise gos on and on. You'll find vape cartridges, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, a large selection of CBD items and marijuana accessories/paraphernalia. Some of my go to menu items on the non-flower side of things are:

Edibles: Gron - Blackberry Lemonade Pearl 1:1:1 THC/CBD/CBN

*CBN is amazing for sleep

Tinctures: The PROTANICALS™ line

Concentrates: Anything that's live raisin

Vape Cartridge: I personal don't vape on a regular, only while traveling. I usually pick cartridges with these two factors in mind; live raisin and a non-plastic mouth piece.

Topical: Fire & Ice - Revolution Green

*It also has Arnica in it! Perfect for sore and painful spots on the body.

CDB: WYLD CBD Blood Orange Sparkling water

*I actually like most of the, if not all the cannabis products made by Wyld. They're a good company all around.

When you visit, feel free to bring your well mannered dog. This place loves them and staff will have non cannabis doggie treats waiting for your furry companion. So, warning to the ones that have allergies, this place is 100% dog friendly. Even staff members have their pups behind the counter keeping them company while working.

PS On your way out of the shop, visit the edible living garden that lines the north side of the building.



The Dispensary on 52nd

4452 SE 52nd Ave Portland, OR 97206

*located on the corner of SE 52nd Ave & Holgate

(503) 420-8000

Open 7 days a week

Sunday - Wednesday 10am - 9pm

Thursday - Saturday 10am - 10pm

Website: Click HERE

WANT MORE REVIEWS BY ME? Check out my Yelp! Click HERE

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